Likha Creations: Out of this World Adventure

  • ₱2,499.00

This personalized book lets kids be the heroes in their own stories!

Each story is different and based on the child's name, woven into an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind adventure! Perfect for siblings!

  • Personalized cover featuring the child’s name
  • Customizable dedication from the sender printed in every book
  • Handpicked hero character that most closely resembles the child
  • Important values weaved into every mini-story that make learning fun but meaningful
  • Memorable affirmations that the child can playback when faced with similar situations
  • Bonus look and find activity to introduce the child to the Filipino culture
  • Minimum 32 vibrant full-color pages depending on name length filled with incredible characters

Please allow two weeks lead time from order time to hand off to courier for customization. Actual delivery date will depend on delivery location, courier, and quarantine restrictions applicable at the time.  Order will ship directly from Likha Creations / Viviamo! Inc.

Pick your character:
  • Boy with long top hair
  • Boy with spiky hair
  • Girl with curly hair
  • Girl with short hair
  • Girl with straight hair

Please include in the Notes of your order:
1) Child's Name to appear on cover and inside story (MAX 8 letters)
2) Custom dedication to be printed inside the book. You may opt to use our standard dedication as well. We will print dedication exactly as received in the notes section.

Dear (enter name of child or nickname),

You have the power to make a difference in this world.
Life is a great adventure. Dream! Explore!

Love, (enter name of sender)

How long will it take for my order?
Our typical timeline runs about 2 weeks to create your cherished book. For high volume periods such as the holidays, expect an additional 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping.

I am ordering for siblings, will the story be the same?
Good news - they won't! Other than being able to pick a different explorer for each child, the adventure itself will also vary depending on the letters of their name.

Can you accommodate more than 8 letters in a name?
Due to constraints such as binding and book thickness, we need to limit this to 8 letters. For  longer names, we recommend using a nickname instead.