Luxelle Eye and Lip Beauty Pen

  • ₱2,625.00

A 5-minute eye and lip spa device that uses high frequency vibration, red, yellow and blue triple-spectrum technology and 38-45 °C adjustable temperature to effectively release stress, relieve eye fatigue and reduce swelling. Comfortable hot compress + adjustable vibration and the black gallstone massage head promote better nutrition absorption of skin care products. Helps stimulate your surrounding eye skin area, improve blood supply around the eyes and adjust eye pressure. Perfect for removing your eye bags, dark circles, fine lines and crow's feet. A great partner for your eye care!

  • Red light: Help to improve cell activity, promote cell metabolism, stimulate collagen growth increasing skin elasticity and repairing sensitive skin.

  • Blue light: relaxes the eyes, firms and improve elasticity eliminating puffiness.

  • Yellow light: promote cell growth and lymphatic detoxification, accelerate and reorganize the dermal structure, thereby forming delicate and shiny skin.