MLEN Magnetic Lashes - Starlight

  • ₱3,699.00

One of our newest design, this lash has one of the most natural looking finish. It gives the eyes a bright fresh look, perfect for those no make up days and for beginners. 

10 - 7 MM
B curl
26 - 27 MM in width


  • Magnetic Lashes (1 pair)
  • Applicator
  • Case
  • Pouch


1. Please do not use alcohol to clean the magnetic strip.
2. If it comes into contact with water, dab with a cotton bud or tissue to dry first before air drying it.
3. Do not store lashes in humid areas (toilets, car etc.).
4. Do not rinse lash in water.
5. Do not clean the magnetic strip daily as there is a special coating and daily cleaning will wear it out faster.

To Remove:

Gently tug the lashes from the outer corner of your eye.